Irrigation Control

We help you take control of your garden and lawn watering needs in the most efficient way possible.

Through our innovative and advanced irrigation control equipment and services, we empower you to automate your homes and make them environmentally sustainable.

Our full range of reliable and effective irrigation automation and control systems are designed to provide you convenience, energy efficiency, and superior comfort.

Improve your green pursuits and create landscapes just like out of a magazine.

Key Features:

Full range of irrigation control systems
Innovative and advanced technological equipment
Reliable and renowned suppliers
Customized Scheduling
Irrigation Zone Management features
Automated activation and remote control accessibility
User-friendly and easy programming
24/7 Customer Support
Specialized technicians
Superior installation and maintenance.

With effective scheduling, climate monitoring, and weather adaptability, these advanced irrigation control systems help you intelligently coordinate your watering activities.

You can program and control the system through online smart devices, even when you are away from your home.

An ELAN g! System allows you to schedule and revise irrigation at home and away, to protect landscaping and conserve water.
Integration Partner: Hunter

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