commercial wifi networking

Commercial Network

Commercial Networking is an essential element of every business activity these days.

Our focus is to provide customized networking solutions for all types of commercial buildings and set-ups.

Ideally suited for the hospitality industry including resorts, restaurants, and hotels, we enable you to offer seamless internet connectivity throughout the premises. Bringing excitement and innovation to each visitor’s overall experience, our services are unmatched in the region.

Through advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, internet communication and touchless easy access networking for every visitor, the resort’s wide-area Wi-Fi systems have long-range and dual-radio properties.

The wireless outdoor access points are powered by technically superior and high-quality routers from the best technology partners in the industry.

Key Features:

Guest authentication systems
Bandwidth Management
Networking management and maintenance
Conference management solutions
Comprehensive services
Resort wide-area Wi-Fi systems
Long-Range Dual Radio connectivity
Streamlined visitor and guest communication
Internet-enabled in-room service

We specialize in providing scalable solutions for a wide range of commercial networking services.

Resort Wide Area WIFI Systems

Long-Range Dual Radio 802.11n Wireless Outdoor Access Point

Resort WIFI