Home, Cellular & Internet Control


Smart Phone, Tablet and Computer control of all systems.
From anywhere in the world!

Wired Devices

Home, Cellular & Internet Control

TS10 10-Inch In-Wall Touch Screen

Finger swipe technology on a high-resolution, capacitive-sensitive touch screen (similar to many popular tablets). Full-motion video viewing, also includes a built-in speaker and microphone.


Home, Cellular & Internet Control

TS7 7-Inch In-Wall Touch Screen

High-resolution 16:9 display can view live TV sources and security cameras. Finger-tip control, supplemented by a stylus for writing family notes, 6 hard buttons for added convenience.


Home, Cellular & Internet Control

VL10 10-inch Tabletop/Undercabinet Touch Screen

The same functionality as the TS10, with alternative mounting possibilities that fit into your decor.



Home, Cellular & Internet Control

TS2 in-Wall Touchpad

All the speed, response and graphics of a touch screen with the ease-of-use, and affordability of a keypad. Displays real-time weather, forecast and time of day.


tablet complete home automation

Your TVs

Change system settings using your TV screen as an ELAN g! monitor.



laptop complete home automation

Your PCs

Our proprietary apps allow full control of all automated systems, at home or away, via the ELAN g! graphic interface, the same interface that appears on our dedicated control devices.


Ipad complete home automation

HR2 Handheld Remote

All the function of a touch screen in a sleek, ergonomic remote with elegant stand. Instant-on is triggered by a built-in accelerometer as soon as you pick it up.


remote control home automation


If this is your tablet of choice, it can also be a portable control hub for your ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System, in addition to other interfaces you might require.


smartphone home automation  iPhone, iPod touch

Our proprietary apps not only give you a powerful handheld controller you can carry around the house – you can also check in on and control your ELAN g! System from virtually anywhere in the world.