home automated integration uiIntegration
Having an integrated home means that all of your technology components act together, as one system. This allows for your home to “know” when you are there automatically adjusting lights at certain times of the day, keeping the climate control as desired and having your security system armed with you safely inside. All of this at the touch of a single button. An integrated home is a lifestyle. It helps with day to day tasks and just makes life easier. With a properly wired system, the possibilities are limited to your imagination.
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home theater projectorHome Theaters
Every persons ideas of their own Home Theater/ Media Room is not the same. From one house to the next, we offer different solutions to meet your lifestyle. Although some have the space for a dedicated theater, others will use it as a “Multi-Use” room where just as many Disney DVD’s will be played as your favorite action movie. In either case, design is carefully planned for the utmost in picture and sound quality. A user interface will be selected based on your preferences and will make even the most complex systems easy to navigate and use.
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home theater estateLighting Control
Control all of your lights from each control panel or integrate them into your existing whole house system. Many options are available for lighting control and it is extremely important that each system is planned for, tailored and customized to each client need. We will work closely with the architect and electrical contractor (or bring our own) on each project to ensure all expectations are met. Once installed, you will be able to put all lights on a timed system or even access them remotely. These systems truly provide a convenient lifestyle with safety and energy savings in mind.
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automated home user interfaceWhole House Audio
Enjoy high quality sound all around! Imagine being able to listen to the same or different music in every room of your home – at the same time, and all from one system. Perhaps you have a CD player in your game room, but would like to easily access that same player from the kitchen while fixing dinner. Maybe your CD collection has gotten so large, you’d like to convert it to MP3 and have it transferred to a digital music server. Your audio system will also be integrated with the other systems we install in the home so a single button press will allow you to activate commands such as adjusting the lights, turning on the music and opening the driveway gate giving you more time to prepare for your guests arrival.
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network servicesNetworking
The average home has more than two computers as well as many wireless devices. We can design a network that will adequately handle the computers currently installed in the home and ones that may be added in the future. Services such as file sharing, printer sharing and remote access to a server are all available options with a properly planned network. Our staff can help protect you against malicious threats to your equipment and also help provide a level of security for kids that may be using the internet within the home. Once integrated into a whole home video system, you can be alerted automatically on the kitchen TV when your child turns on their computer from their bedroom. Easy, convenient and safe.